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For Çöp Şiş Lovers- Barboros Alayoğlu

It was a public holiday on 1st May and I was bored at home so went out around midday hours. We didn’t want to go somewhere far with my wife so we didn’t actually wanted but decided to go to ‘Vadi Istanbul’.It was less than 10 minutes to reach the shopping mall by monorail. Unlike others and especially women, I get bored easily in this kind of places, I buy things I need and leave from there as soon as possible. I can only stay for 3-4 hours if any good movie comes out.

We felt that we got hungry after we walked around fast and bought our needs. Generally, in this kind of shopping malls, there are some restaurants, there is almost no restaurant-cafe left that I didn’t go and eat there. Either I don’t like the place and never go there again or I like and go, eat with pleasure whenever I find the time.

While we were saying that there are only same restaurants, one of the meat restaurant that I heard its name for the first time took my attention. Yes, its name is only ‘ÇÖPS’.I walked in a little and checked the menu and I watched especially personnel who was serving to customers. Because of these cheerful people who are serving people, giving information clear and eloquently to customers that start to check the menu, we went closer and checked the menu.

When I asked about from where they get meat, which part of the animal they use and how they cook it. They answered me patiently and with acceptable answers. We went inside and sit with my wife. We started waiting after I showed my intention clearly only half in jest, by saying if I don t like I won’t come here again but if I like I will become a regular at it. to the person who was serving us.

First time without waiting so long, after almost 15 minutes they served our food. There were 12 pieces of grilled small pieces of meat on wooden skewers, French fries, grilled tomato slice, green pepper, sauced onion, salad and hot sauce on a rectangle plate. Besides they put 2 pieces of cracker bread, on every skewer there was only one tail fat, I experienced that other places put tail fat as much as they put meat to show the portion bigger. In this restaurant, French fries were well fried and ingredients of salad were fresh.

It was the time for a taste test in ÇÖPS which has 7 branches in Istanbul and one branch in Kocaeli as a franchise. The meat was cooked enough without grilling too much. You can get the taste of meat directly. It goes well with some thyme and a little black pepper. Although they put only one tail fat, the meat was not dry. Taste of red cabbage pickle made the taste of salad better. I love hot things so I ordered hot sauce; although it is a little hot, it might be aromatized with garlic.

While I was eating my food with real pleasure, I saw a lady who is walking between tables and dealing with customers with a sympathetic attitude and smiling face that I was sure of sincerity. I finished my food then stood up to pay the bill. The staff that I said to if I like I will be a regular at it, asked if I liked the food and I said yes without hesitation.

Then I was really surprised when I learned that the lady whose name is Vildan Kaya is the employer. When we talked a while, I learned she is originally from Tokat and she just opened this restaurant 3 months ago.

Vadi Istanbul ÇÖPS welcome their customer with a smiling face, this is really important. As I understand, this chain of the restaurant which is managed by Aydin Ortaklar, choose the animals of Aydin and south Marmara region. The menu options are satisfying. When it comes to prices, our bill with drinks all together was 44 TL. I can recommend this restaurant in Ayaza­ğa Vadi Istanbul and sincerely if you come to this restaurant I can say that you won’t regret it.

Kaynak: http://amakale.com/cop-sis-seven-buyursun/

The taste in ÇÖPS is the same as we know - Barbaros Alayoğlu

At the weekends, especially when the weather gets colder people don’t want to go out of the house. I was reading Halil Inancik’s ‘Devlet-i Aliyye’ book last one month. Sometimes we feel the need of going out and getting some fresh air. Again we went to Vadi Istanbul which is the closest place.

After we walked around for some time we got hungry and suddenly we found ourselves in front of the SUSHI&SPICE Chinese restaurant. I can’t eat fish kind of things in this place but when I saw hot and sour soup in the menu, I decided to eat that without any hesitation. The soup was delicious but so hot which is cooked with chicken, mushroom, carrots soybean sprouts the ingredients are not strange to us.

After eating the soup it was not possible to pass there without visiting the ÇÖPS that our friends the couple Hüseyin-Vildan Kaya manage that is opposite to the restaurant we ate. Mr. Hüseyin welcomed us so well and we tasted nice tastes after then we drunk tea. We talked a while. They opened the side of the restaurant and made the place more comfortable. The taste was good as always. The better thing was again the smiling face of woman personnel.

If I don’t see the friendliness when I enter the restaurant, even if the tastes are good, I will never go there again. ÇÖPS succeed this when you have the eye contact you see the sincerity. I advise you to come to ÇÖPS if you pass by.

Source: http://amakale.com/cops-te-lezzet-bildigimiz-gibi/